Sanitization And Cleaning

The RM is a naval and industrial cleaning company born from the experience of the parent company RM ISO certified company.

We deal with cleaning and sanitization services of industrial and naval complexes, offering a service daily and / or periodic cleaning according to customer needs.

We guarantee an excellent quality service through the use of equipment and certified products.
Sanitation certification is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Specific licenses and certification necessary to guarantee safety in the work environment art. 26 Legislative Decree 81/2008 Cleaning or cleansing Disinfection Sanitization (certificate)

Industrial Cleaning

RM service offers its cleaning services to any type of industrial reality to ensure hygiene also in environments characterized by large spaces and large passage of people or means of transport.

Together with the customer, RM service plans the health protocol to be applied: method and frequency of interventions without interfering with production activities.

Naval Clean

RM service offers its cleaning services inside moored ships, or even under repair at shipyards or operating sites.

Sanitization is a process that aims to reduce microbial contamination to safe levels through the use of chemical disinfectants. Rm service has Certified Management Systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

It is not sufficient to remove dust or dirt, instead it must be carried out using specific procedures and using suitable equipment and detergent and disinfectant products that allow to sanitize the environment and to minimize the risks of crews and guest.

The service offered by RM is the result of specialized global solutions that are based on management system, logistic and professional ethics.

Cleaning Ventilation plant - pipeline

Cleaning Ventilation plan

To remedy the high operating costs due to the poor efficiency of the dirty system and to avoid exposure to the dangers of fire and the risk to health, the air-light circuits must be subject to a complete cleaning and reclamation of the pipes of the treatment plant of the air, vents, delivery diffusers, internal intake grilles and external intake grilles.
Sanitization means the process that involves the simultaneous implementation of cleaning and disinfection of any surface.
A surface is considered sanitized when:
Each sanitization process is diversified to the object or are of intervention and is organized according to the following operating scheme:
The products we used incorporate the Regulation issued by The Ministry of Health which provides:
“…Due to the possible survival in enviroment for a long time the place and areas potentially contaminated by COV 2 must be completely cleaned with water and common detergents before used again… For contamination the use 0,1% sodium hypochlorite is racommended…”.
RM_sanitizing team

Specialised Personnel

The RM service staff is specialized in carrying out sanitization interventions, was trained in compliance with current legislation in the use of DPI art 77 of DLgs 81/08 and supported courses dedicated to the use of machines to be used in the sanitization process.

Legislation and certification

The Ministry of Health imposes a Ship Sanitization control certificate which is issued in accordance with art 39 of the International Health Regulatio 2005.

At the end of the intervention, the RM sevice will draw up a Certification of work performed in which the products used with their Safety Data Sheets and the methods of use will be indicated.
This Certification will be delivered to the customer who can show it to the Competent Authorities in the event their request.

RM_sanitizing certifications